Presentation Guidelines

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Oral guidelines

Each paper is allocated 20 minutes lecture sessions, including time for questions, session chair introductions, and any set up that is not completed in advance. Be prepared to begin your presentation as soon as the prior presenter has finished; it is important to keep on schedule. You should meet with your session chair during the break immediately prior to your session. Meet inside or near the door of the presentation room. If the room is not being used, this will give you a chance to test any presentation equipment you will be using. Copying your files to the computer before the session will also save you some time during your presentation. Note: The presentation computer has ONLY a USB port. There is no CD-ROM or other disc drive.

Poster Guidelines

Each poster session is 90 minutes long. You must remain present for the entire duration of your poster session. Please arrive at the poster area about 15 minutes before your session begins and report to the session chairs.

All poster should remain on the boards for the entire session time. Everyone should mount his/her poster on the boards before the session begins. Please take down your poster following the session.

For each paper accepted within a poster session, a poster board space is reserved with dimensions 1m tall and 2m wide. Poster may NOT exceed 1m height or 2m width.

The boards will be arranged in rows. Each reserved paper space will be assigned an ID label, The ID label is also the ID label on the program booklet for your paper.