Registration and Lunch

ICIP2017 Registration and Reception Centre is located in the Main Lobby on CNCC level one in the delegates accesses C1-C3. If you have any questions about the conference, stop by the registration centre or e-mail:

Registration and Reception Centre Hours of Operation:

Saturday, September 16-------------14:00-18:00
Sunday, September 17-------------07:00-19:00
Monday, September 18-------------07:00-18:00
Tuesday, September 19-------------07:30-18:00
Wednesday, September 20-------------07:30-18:00

Meeting Lunch for Registrants

Date: Sept.17-20, 2017
Place: Ballroom A, 1F CNCC
Time: 12:00pm-13:30pm

Note: Every registrant is provided with a lunch ticket which can be used for either buffet in Ballroom A or lunchbox just outside Ballroom A.